Arduino IDE 1.6.11 or later is required for these lessons.


What is Arduino IDE?

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for any hardware and software platform typically gives you a multiple set of tools to write software, encapsulated in a seamless software package.  The Arduino IDE integrates the following:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Serial port and serial monitor windows
  • C code compiler
  • Compiled code downloader

Where do I get the Arduino IDE?

The Arduino IDE is available from the Arduino web site at  Recently, Arduino offered an IDE that runs on the in your web browser and requires an internet connection.  For our lesson activities, we recommend the fully installed version because the online version currently (as of 27 March 2017) does not support the serial plotter used for visualizing data from your Inventem mini modules.

Step 1

Follow these links to download the installer for WindowsMac OS X, or Linux and follow the directions to install.  Go to step 2 when complete.

Step 2

Connect your ChipSnips Control Bridge to your computer using the USB cable with micro connector attached to the micro USB connector on the Adafruit Metro Mini.



The Metro Mini will show up in your computer and the Arduino IDE as a new COM port.  Go to "Tools->Port" and "COM<X>" where "<X>" is some number your computer assigned to your Metro Mini.  In this case, my assigned COM port is COM8.



If there are multiple COM ports listed, exit the drop-down menu and remove the Metro Mini from the USB cable for a few seconds.  Go back to "Tools->Port" to see which COM port disappeared.  Reconnect the Metro Mini USB cable and see if your Metro Mini's COM port is now listed.  Select your COM port.

Step 3

The Arduino IDE needs to know which type of board is on the other end of the COM port.  One reason we chose to use Metro Mini is that it programs just like a typical Arduino Uno with no need to install anything additional.  To complete this step, go to "Tools->Board:" select "Arduino/Genuino Uno" if "Board: Arduino/Genuino Uno" is not already selected.



That's it!  If everything went well, you're ready to learn embedded programming!